306 - Halifax Waterfront
Beacon Project

so lucky so strange so persistent

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‘so lucky so strange so persistent’ is a participatory sound installation that combines manipulated audio memories with live sound interactions. Nocturne goers are invited to come and play together in the bouncy and reverberating tower behind the casino.

Be prepared to crunch over crab shells and avoid seagull poop because you are invited to a party at the reverb dome.

‘so lucky so strange so persistent’ starts by acknowledging that whatever space myself and others engage in is part of the enormous existing sound thing that connects and pours into and out of us all. I have been visiting the “reverb dome” / the tower behind the casino, to record sound by myself, with friends, and my dog Goblin. These distorted glimpses into what took place on whatever day I visited were further manipulated and are shared with you now. Possibilities are expansive and this could sound all kinds of ways… dancy, moody, silly, happy, grim, minimal, busy or sweet.

I am thinking about “lucky” in connection to the hopes and dreams I assume casino people hold, “strange” to speak to an unusual space that often we aren’t let into, and “persistent” as in reverb, as in continuance, as in a legacy.

Oct 15th, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sound/Audio Art Illuminated Poetry/Spoken Word/Voice


Casino Nova Scotia (Tower)

1983 Upper Water St

Wheelchair accessible