Beacon Project

Till the Tide

Till the Tide is a site-specific textile installation comprising three hand-woven jacquard pieces. Each textile measures roughly 65’’ x 28’’ and is woven with black cotton and white linen thread. These three panels depict a single image that is meant to be installed on the Queen’s Landing steps on the Halifax waterfront.

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The jacquard woven cloth is adapted from a photograph I took of an abandoned wooden pier truss within the harbour. Two lines of text are visible across the three weavings. The altered quote is from Emily Dickinson’s poem By the Sea. Jacquard woven fabrics allow for a large amount of detail to be rendered, and the finished textiles have a photographic quality.

The depicted pier trusses feel out of place. They are no longer in use but they still stand as a skeletal remnant of the past living in the present. I use these wooden beams to keep track of the sinking and rising tides as I make the daily walk to my studio. I’m drawn toward processes and concepts that are a push and pull between a reveal and an erasure. In this outdoor installation, I’m utilizing the tides, the harbour water reaches the weavings submerging the bottoms and then it pulls away. This is a unique opportunity to collaborate with the ocean tide that has been a habitual part of my life in Halifax. The water becomes another medium that highlights and also hides or obscures. The tide in this project is environmental, visual and conceptual presence. Emily Dickinson’s adapted text is a personal reflection about a lack of control and the desire to be part of reciprocal relationships, as in to move others and to also be moved. Although this project stems from very personal feelings, I believe the desire or search for mutual connections is a communal feeling, whether that be within a relationship with a person or with the natural world.

Nocturne brings out a diverse range of people. Textiles are an approachable medium because of our familiarity with them. Cloth is embedded in our most mundane daily experiences; it is present in our most heavily symbolic rituals of life and death. I see weaving as the methodical layering or interlocking of tangible or conceptual fragments to build experience. There is a preciousness to hand-woven textiles, but I’m drawn toward cloth that is worn, cloth that holds the story of its life in its creases and stains. Through the weathering of these woven panels from exposure to wind, salt, and water the cloth will hold a memory of this setting, it becomes storied by this environment.

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Installation Craft


The Queen's Marque

1715 Lower Water Street

Wheelchair accessible