Nocturne Needs You

Did you know that Nocturne is run primarily by volunteers? The festival would not be possible without your enthusiasm, energy, and dedication. One of the best ways to support the festival is to come out and lend a hand!

Can't wait to join the Nocturne volunteer team?

What can I do as a volunteer?

Volunteer roles


    As a Festival Ambassador, you’ll be stationed in one of the five Zone hubs throughout Halifax and Dartmouth.

    For example, you might be assigned to the waterfront Zone during your shift. You will be stationed at a designated Zone signage to ensure you are visible to the public in case they need to ask questions. In this role, you’ll be able to enjoy sharing the Nocturne experience with attendees by handing out the guides, giving directions, and answering simple questions like where to go and what to see in your designated zone.

    For this role, we are looking for people who are enthusiastic, independent, and strong communicators! You should be comfortable with large crowds and have good interpersonal skills. To rock this position it’s good to know downtown Halifax (or Dartmouth) geography to comfortably give directions.

    Training: Minimum one volunteer info session in October and read the festival guide in advance.


    You are a creative individual who would like to help out Nocturne artists achieve their vision. You are ready and willing to help wherever needed. This may mean standing watch over a project while an artist uses the restroom, or it may mean helping to shovel a pile of dirt or checking vaccine records at the doors to venues. This is the kind of position you need to be easy going for and ready to lend a hand at any moment. We will pair you with an artist or with a group of artists in the same area.

    Ideal for people who are interested in art and culture. You are reliable and committed to helping the artist succeed as not showing up will affect the whole team. You are flexible as each artist can ask you for different tasks.

    Training: A background in the arts is an asset for this position but not necessary. Attend the volunteer info session in October, read the Nocturne guide, and research the artist you are paired with. The artist will also give you direction before your shift.


Volunteer training sessions are a great way to meet other volunteers, learn more about volunteer roles, and art and artists at the festival! Attendance to one training session is required for festival volunteers. There are no more training sessions scheduled for the 2023 festival.

Watch the 2023 volunteer training orientation video on YouTube to get up to speed!


Our Volunteer Coordinator would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to contact them at [email protected].