Posted on August 9th, 2017
by Nocturne

We are seeking applications from experienced and emerging photographers/teams to help us capture the magic of Nocturne. The job isn’t all that easy, 6 hours, 100+ projects, 30,000 people, 2 glowing and sparkly sides of one harbour. Are you up for the challenge?

We are seeking 4 teams/solo photographers to light up the night with your camera skills!

This is our 10th year and we recognize that the festival has grown to a point where it isn’t feasible to have one photographer/team tackle the entire event so we will be hiring a few photography teams to capture the night. We are looking for photos and video documentation of the city’s most spectacular art event!

- Experience with nighttime photography
- Proven experience with event photography, photographing moving objects, people, attractions
- Experience working quickly with a tripod and off-camera flash is necessary.
- Confident working in the public with crowds and engaging with people.

- Supply their own equipment (tripod, full frame camera, off camera flash with triggers.)
- Plan their route with the help of Nocturne organizers
- Plan for the weather and protect your equipment accordingly (make sure you have gear that is rain resistance or other work arounds)
- have the ability to send real time images to Nocturne programers for posting on social media.

- Pay photographers a lump sum ($800) for the work paid in full after the event.
- Support photographers with a list of projects and locations
- Provide pre-staged photo opportunities where needed (make sure artists are ready to have photos taken, etc).

Does this sounds like you? If so, please email [email protected] with a link to view 5-10 of your favourite event photos as well as a short statement indicating your interest in the project.

DEADLINE: August 23, 2017 @ Midnight

Nocturne 2014 (c) Michelle Doucet
Nocturne 2016 (c) Topher and Rae Studios
Nocturne 2015 (c) Topher and Rae Studios
Nocturne 2014 (c) Topher and Rae Studios