The Daily Noc

Posted on October 13th, 2021
by Nocturne

Pjila’si and welcome to Nocturne 2021

We’re excited to bring you into the world we have created with the artistic leadership of this year’s festival curator Liliona Quarmyne.

Our theme - Liminal - is about possibility, reflection, creative pathways forward, and a portal to a new normal and we have LOTS going on throughout the week! Each morning we will bring you The Daily Noc, a series to tell you about what’s happening that day.

To open the festival we invite you to attend a few key projects by BIPOC artists: Raven Davis, Breaking Circus, Killa Atencio, and Stephanie Yee among many others.

On the first day of Nocturne 2021 there are also plenty of projects to visit. See our online schedule to plan your day/week.

Remember that Nocturne runs from October 13-16 and we have projects all week to bring art and energy to the streets of Kjipuktuk/Halifax.

As we go into this week we remind everyone to be safe, practice collective care, and enjoy the next four days of the festival.