Myron Campbell’s Land’s End at Propeller Brewing on Gottingen

Melany Nugent-Noble
Posted on September 18th, 2023
by Melany Nugent-Noble

When Myron Campbell last visited Halifax nearly a decade ago, he soon began retracing his steps and visiting old haunts.

The Okanagan, B.C.-based digital media artist had briefly lived in town from 2001 to 2002 after following an old girlfriend who started at NSCAD University.

“I wanted an adventure,” he said over the telephone. “I wanted to go there and check it out.”

Pretty soon, Campbell started learning more about Halifax’s unique history. From the explosion to piled-up Volvos in the Bedford Basin, the more he discovered, the more he was intrigued not just by the city itself but by the idea of a physical place holding its memories.

“[It’s] just our way of changing the place and changing the environment. It leaves a trace,” he added. “It’s a real mix of some facts and some embellished truth, I suppose.”

Taking reality and adding embellishments sounds exactly like the kind of digital media art produced by Campbell.

With augmented reality (AR), artists can use technology to superimpose images, illustrations, or animations to existing places or things. The goal is to show a user how the data collected in real life through sight, sound, and smell can be altered by introducing a digital object.

Campbell could see its potential even during the technology’s infancy in the early 2000s while he was a student working in a Vancouver studio.

“It’s really interesting to extract what you were working on on the screen and put it in a space,” he added.

And in Campbell’s case, a beer can, too.

For over 15 years, Propeller has been a champion for Nocturne and its participating artists.

Artists are invited to redesign a beer can label as part of the festival. More recently, the Gottingen Street taproom has been an installation site included as part of Nocturne’s activities.

Even though Campbell had experience in design for brewery clients, his innovative and literal outside-the-box thinking made him perfect for Propeller. The 2023 Nocturne beer can label, and the taproom will receive the AR treatment in Land’s End.

“It’s something that grabs you,” said Retail and Taproom Manager Noah Turner. “People will be thrilled, especially in a space you recognize.”

As for the actual concept, it all goes back to that feeling of hauntedness, of memories looming as if ghosts were hovering around you. For Campbell, this piece speaks to his artistic interests and connection to Halifax.

“It’s such a weird project,” he said. “It was triggered knowing I was going to install it in Halifax.”

Be sure to come out to Propeller Brewing located on Gottingen Street on Friday, Oct. 13th at 6 p.m. for Myron Campbell’s Artist Talk, followed by our official Nocturne Launch Party starting at 7 p.m.

Download the free Artivive App and check out Myron Campbell’s Land’s End at Propeller Brewing’s Gottingen location from October 13-27, 2023.