Nocturne StoreFront Project by Frankie Macaulay

Posted on January 18th, 2017
by Nocturne

As a continuation of our first instalment of the Nocturne: Art at Night Storefront Project, Nocturne is back at it again with a new exhibition by Frankie Macaulay.


In 2016, inspired by the Seattle Storefront Initiative, Nocturne aimed to create its own Storefront Project Program. Since its inaugural installation The Storefront Project program has evolved as a way to support artist initiatives happening in the community. In 2017 as a celebration of Nocturne’s 10th anniversary, we are looking to launch a new small project micro grant program where artists can apply for small project funding to show work in new spaces year round.

Urban Paper Illuminated

Frankie Macaulay is a visual artist and photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Influenced by nature and urban environments, the artist often uses fragments of reality to create composite images of fiction. Macaulay graduated from NSCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Major in Photography. As a student, Macaulay participated in six exhibitions at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, including a solo show, Urban Paper, and curating a group show, The Sum of a Photograph. Macaulay was awarded five scholarships, including the Redneck Student Creativity Award, which generously funded Tree Versus, an outdoor multi-site public installation located at Sir Sandford Fleming Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"This project explores the cycle of urban structures in stages of neglect, decay and reconstruction. Within this cycle the boundaries of habitability are questioned against damaged exteriors, vandalization and attempts to repair. How long and to what state can these buildings remain habitable before they are abandoned and restart the cycle? Illuminating these seemingly abandoned structures signifies occupancy and underlines the question of habitability. The lights are on – is anyone home?"
Frankie Macaulay

The installation is visible and enjoyable from the street at no cost to the public at Pavia Gallery Espresso Bar & Cafe , 1724 Hollis St, Halifax from January 9th- May 6th.

Nocturne would like to thank Pavia Gallery Espresso Bar & Cafe for their participation in this project.

NOCTURNE: Art at night présente son projet "Facade - Storefront"

Du 9 janvier au 6 mai 2017, découvrez l’œuvre Urban Paper Illuminated de l'artiste Frankie Macaulay. Le projet est visible depuis la rue à travers les fenêtres du Café Pavia Espresso Bar au 1724 rue Hollis à Halifax.

"Urban Paper Illuminated explore le cycle de vie des structures urbaines entre abandon, déclin et renouveau. Dans ce cycle, les frontières de l'habitabilité sont remises en question par les dommages causés par le vandalisme et les tentatives de restauration. Combien de temps pour que ces bâtiments ne soient plus habitables et soient abandonnés avant de commencer un nouveau cycle? En illuminant ces structures , nous les occupons. Les lumières sont allumées ... il y a t-il quelqu'un à la maison? " Frankie Macaulay

Inspiré du projet Seattle Storefront Initiative, ce projet a pour mission de soutenir les initiatives artistiques dans la communauté de Halifax. En 2017, Nocturne souhaiterait lancer un programme de financement pour permettre aux artistes de montrer leurs œuvres tout au long de l'année.