NOCTURNE 2018: Artist Line-up Announcement

Posted on August 28th, 2018
by Nocturne

K'jipuktuk / Halifax

In 2018, NOCTURNE has partnered with the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective to bring you NOMADIC RECIPROCITY curated by Raven Davis. Today, we are excited to announce the 2018 festival line-up of artists. This list is just a taste of what will take place during this year’s festival and we have much more to announce as the days get closer. We have included links below to the artists websites or places to learn more about each artists work! We will announce their project names, descriptions and locations throughout the days leading up to NOCTURNE 2018.

We are also excited to announce special programming developed by our partners and community groups and galleries throughout the city. We will release the rest of our program throughout the next month! Follow us on our social media (@NocturneHalifax) as we gear up for the festival!

Get ready to experience this harbour city transformed by artists this October 13th, 2018.

Jason Baerg & Jean-Sébastien (J-S) Gauthier
Barak adè Soleil
Brian Solomon
Maria Hupfield & Jason Lujan
KINUK: Ursula Johnson & Angella Parsons

Alan Syliboy & Lukas Pearse
Alexis Bulman
Annik Gaudet
A Road Less Graveled
Carrie Allison
Deirdre Lee & Katherine Victoria Taylor
Becka Barker & Gerard Choy
Cynthia Martin & Anke Fox
Kate Macdonald
Killa Atencio
Kristy Janvier
Leelee Davis, Lisa Gambletron & Dayna Danger
Linnet Finley
Mariah K. Sockabasin & Greg Toole
Mi’kma’ki 2030 Collective (Catherine Martin, Bria Miller, Tayla Fern Paul, Liliona Quarmyne)
NAT Chantel
She Nubian Liberation
Ursula Handleigh

Sally Raab-Wolchyn & Sage Wheeler in partnership with Edison Cannabis Co.
Sean Howard & Basma Kavanagh in partnership with Lumiere Cape Breton
Queer Songbook Orchestra in partnership with Venus Envy and The Coast, Halifax's Weekly
Welcome to this Place in partnership with MaybelleARTS