Posted on October 11th, 2017
by Nocturne

As you may well know, Nocturne turns 10 this year! We invited some of our partners, contributors, artists, and founders to share some of their favourite #NocMoments from the past 10 years.

Interactive LightBrite, Argyle Fine Art, Nocturne 2010

"Nocturne is the most exciting time for us at Argyle Fine Art! We love the energy and excitement that the night brings- everyone is fueled with adrenaline from ART! We put our all into our exhibits and make sure to always have an interactive element too. Nocturne is all about experience! We are most excited to expose all the fantastic artists that we represent to a huge amount of people from all walks of life and remind people to visit anytime through the year too! People make a point of making our location a destination now, which fills us with glee!!! You can tell by how many exclamation points I'm using!!!!!!! LONG LIVE NOCTURNE AND FAB ART!"

- Adriana Afford, Argyle Fine Art

Fair Winds Safe Return, Ryan Josey, Nocturne 2014, Curated by Eryn Foster

"Ryan Josey’s project on the flagpole, and the recreation of a lighthouse using scaffolding and light by Jeremy Tsang stand out to me as probably the two most visually interesting projects we have hosted at the museum which utilized our maritime heritage… In 2013 we even replicated a Nocturnal (early version of a sextant) and had demonstrations of how to read the stars, or we tried to, light pollution and cloud cover did work against us. We’ve gone from the early years where we were accidentally left out of the guide once, to now where we’re hosting 3 projects this year and annually see around 2000 people come through that night. Nocturne is a really fun community building event I’ve happily been involved in for the last 7 years, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this year has on offer."

- Ian Mullan, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Sorry about leaving you out of the guide that time, Ian!

Rose Zack and Anna Sprague in front of the Ferris Wheel, Nocturne 2015, Curated by Rose Zack

"At its core, it’s been about narrowing the gap between art and audience. Nocturne brings art into the public sphere, in expected and unexpected places, and transforms those spaces and the potential of them. Then, as you carry on through your everyday life, you continue to witness that impact, even as those spaces change...like Anna Sprague’s memorable ferris wheel installation atop Citadel Hill in 2015, or Lisa Lipton’s 2011 ‘Window Ballet’ which transformed a North End home into a stage for a theatrical performance, or Charley Young and Sarah Roy’s 2009 ‘Resurrection: Kelly Building’, or ‘The Year In The Making’, staged at the Halifax Public Gardens in 2010, which allowed many to experience the gardens at night for the first time. The aura and shadow of those projects and the energy of those crowds and even the experience of ferry-oke is transformative, allowing people to see and experience familiar places in a way most don’t get too routinely. I experience this all the time and I know from conversations with others, they do too."

-Rose Zack, founding board member, past chair Noctunre

Sun Ship Machine Gun (Metallurgy I), William Robinson, Nocturne 2015, Curated by Rose Zack

"Nocturne afforded me and my creative and technical collaborators the support and ideal platform to unveil site specific works to the public. I am forever grateful. Viva Nocturne: Art at Night!"

Will Robinson, Short List Nominee – Atlantic Region Finalist, Sobey Art Award, National Prize and Nocturne Artist