Announcing the artists of Nocturne 2020: Echolocation curated by Lindsay Dobbin

Posted on September 15th, 2020
by Nocturne

Here we are, just over a month until the 13th annual Nocturne: Art at Night festival and we are excited to welcome you all into what we have been planning all summer for this October.

Nocturne will look a little different this year, but the spirit remains intact. While we do our part to adhere to COVID-19 regulations, we will bring you a week's worth of artistic experiences both online and on land.

We have lots more to announce but for now, we want to invite you to join us for...

Nocturne 2020: ECHOLOCATION

curated by Lindsay Dobbin
October 12-17
K'jipuktuk/Halifax & Virtually Everywhere

Anchor Projects in partnership with Centre for Art Tapes and Halifax Regional Municipality:

What Does the Earth Ask Of Us?
Robin Wall Kimmerer

Touched By the Tears of A Butterfly
Mike MacDonald

Elmi'knik ilkwija'lnoqtew ika'taqniktuk (In the future, who will ease your heart in the garden?)
Michelle Sylliboy

Returning Current
Katy Payne
and Daniela Gesundheit w/ Lindsay Dobbin
Featuring Nicholas Dourado, Andrew Jackson, Jacques Mindreau, and Nicole Rampersaud
Hydrophone radio transmission by Dr. David Barclay
Sound engineering and technical wizardry by Johnny Spence

Meeting Waters: Cross-Cultural Collaborations on Environmental Racism
Ingrid Waldron

Featuring collaborations:
Africville - Irvine Carvery and Rebecca Thomas
Pictou Landing First Nation - Michelle Francis-Denny and Kwento
Sipekne'katik - Dorene Bernard and Liliona Quarmyne
Shelburne - Vanessa Hartley and Leelee Oluwatoyosi Eko Davis
Design and graphic recording by Bria Miller.
Presented with additional support from Visual Arts Nova Scotia, Arts Nova Scotia, Canada Council for the Arts, Kairos, The Leap, and PSAC

Thirteen Echoes of Kmətkinu
Shalan Joudry in collab w/ Lukas Pearse

Featuring Tamim Arabi (Arabic), Christina Sai Yin Chui (Cantonese), paulo da costa (Portuguese), Gurinder Dhillon (Punjabi), Andor Gjesdal (Norwegian - vocals), Leah Horwood (Norwegian - translation), Yuki Inoue (Japanese - translation), shalan joudry (original poem and vocals), Sabina Kasheke (Swahili), Irene Kasianov (Russian), Lodaidh MacFhionghain (Gaelic), André Muise (Acadian French), Opolahsomuwehs (Wolastoqey), Arlene Stevens (Mi’kmaw - translation and vocals), Barbara Sylliboy (Mi’kmaw - translation), and Atsuko Tomita (Japanese - translation and vocals)

And projects from:

Carly Butler
and Hjalmer Wenstob
Carley Mullally

Carmel Farahbakhsh
and Darcie Bernhardt
Chloe Alexandra Thompson
, DB Amorin and Johnny Ray Alt
Francesca Ekwuyasi

GLAM Collective
(with support provided by Arts Nova Scotia)
x Nocturne Takeover Party
Illest Preacha
and Rablin Intellect
I’thandi Munro

Kamille Cyr

Kelly Markovich
(with support provided by Centre for Art Tapes)
Lara Lewis
and Mark Foster
Liliona Quarmyne and Mo Drescher
Marie-Soleil Provençal

Marla Benton
and Andrea Puszkar
Michael MacLean
, Laure Nolte and Andrew Gilmour
Mo Phùng
The NSCAD Queer Collective

Tania Willard


The Woods

Details and full schedule coming soon

Nocturne is grateful for the support from the Halifax Regional Municipality, Province of Nova Scotia, Heritage Canada, as well as the Canada Council for the Arts. We also recognize the dedicated support from RBC Royal Bank, Propeller Brewing, Develop Nova Scotia and Downtown Halifax Business Commission, The Coast and CBC who have seen us through this time. We can't wait to celebrate the festival with everyone together...apart.