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Downtown Halifax Gritty to Pretty projects

In 2015, Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC) introduced a new placemaking grant program, Gritty to Pretty, to award a limited number of grants for placemaking projects located in Downtown Halifax. Gritty to Pretty includes three grants: Open Grant. Façade Lighting Grant, and the new Mural Grant. These projects contribute to DHBC’s beautification efforts to make Downtown Halifax welcoming to locals and visitors alike.

The following are available for view during Nocturne:


Halifax Distillery Mural (1668 Lower Water Street)
Artist/Group: Jake Sibert (artist) and Halifax Distilling Co.
Description: The mural depicts rum-running boats tied at dockside in the early morning (note how the artist, Jake Sibert, used existing elements on the wall, as part of the scene).

Freak Lunchbox Mural and Façade Lighting (1729 Barrington Street)
Artist/Group: Freak Lunchbox

The Stubborn Goat Façade Lighting and Mural Project
(1579 Grafton Street)
Artist/Group: Jake Siebert (artist) and The Stubborn Goat
Description: The mural makes use of iridescent paint, creating both a daytime and nighttime experience.

NSCAD Academy Wall
(Market Street between Sackville St and Prince St)
Artist/Group: Alex Mbuga Thuku (artist) and NSCAD University
Description: To beautify a retaining wall a composition of fantastical African birds and beasts and their North American cousins, against a rainbow background was created.

Urban Character Mural
(1557 Barrington Street)
Artist/Group: Jason Skinner (artist) and Starfish Properties
Description: Every Downtown has its collections of interesting characters and, here, artist Jason Skinner collects a few of them.

The Pearl on Barrington Street (Corner of George Street and Barrington Street)
Artist/Group: Miro Davis (artist) and Sculpture Nova Scotia
Description: Created through Sculpture Nova Scotia, sculptor Miro Davis says that she was inspired by, “When you sit on the pearl, her shell forms a throne behind you, creating a protective shelter that invites contemplation.”


Lighting Our Past (1521-1531 Grafton Street)
Artist/Group: Oakport Limited/A.S. Developments

Ferry Boat Lane (Lower Water Street)
Artist/Group: The Armour Group Limited

Ocean Optometry Façade Lighting (5240 Blowers Street)
Artist/Group: Ocean Optometry

Fountain Campus Exterior Accent Lighting (Granville Mall/5163 Duke Street)
Artist/Group: NSCAD University

The Old Apothecary Bakery & Café Façade Lighting (1549 Barrington Street)
Artist/Group: Starfish Properties

eSpace Building Façade Lighting (1652-1656 Barrington Street)
Artist/Group: Starfish Properties

Cabot Building Façade Lighting (1725-1727 Barrington Street)
Artist/Group: Aegis Developments Inc.

St. Paul’s Façade Lighting
(1684 Barrington Street)
Artist/Group: Compass Commercial Realty

The Brewery Market Façade Lighting
(1496 Lower Water Street)
Artist/Group: Killam Apartment REIT

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