Anchor Project

The Brandscape

The Brandscape is a projected, immersive, and interactive VR experience. The projections show short stories with a fictional company called Tough Guy Mountain (TaGM). Five videos show snippets of the rise and fall of a company that manufactures brands for every company during capitalism. // Brandscape est une expérience de réalité virtuelle, immersive et interactive. Les projections montreront de courtes histoires sur une entreprise fictive appelée Tough Guy Mountain (TGM en abrégé). Les cinq vidéos présenteront des extraits de l'ascension et du déclin d'une entreprise qui fabrique des marques individualisées pendant le capitalisme.

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For the past 7 years, a couple of Nova Scotian born artists and the friends they made in Toronto have been making stories, video games, performances, virtual reality, interactive sculptures and design about a corporation they made up called Tough Guy Mountain. What is Tough Guy Mountain? It’s a magical company where unpaid interns live and work in floating cubicles beneath angelic and demonic executives who oversee the harvesting and managing of all the brands in the world. The company sits in the middle of a dimension called The Brandscape, where wild brand matter roams and grows chaotically until Tough Guy Mountain mines them as resources and turns them into polished products.

TGM will be demonstrating how they use technology to tell stories by turning virtual reality pieces into a giant interactive video installation. Audience members watching the videos will find themselves able to casually control the movements of some of the characters. In addition to the expanded virtual reality, the artist collective will be doing live musical theatre and comedy to demonstrate, as much as possible, the full breadth of their work.