Beacon Project


Two artists explore the ceramic process by building and firing a raku kiln, which will resonate with people through the giving of bowls.

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Each day of Nocturne, the artists will post to their Instagram pages: @marla.benton & @unionstreetpottery. These videos will depict the artist working through the process of making a kiln to creating bowls to firing the Raku kiln. On the Saturday of Nocturne, the bowls that were made will be placed throughout the city to be found by the public and taken home.

Saturday Locations:

  • Outside front entrance of the Central Library on Spring Garden
  • Outside front entrance of the North End Public Library on Gottigen
  • On the water front in front of the Emera Building

We will be putting our Raku fired bowls out in physical form between 1-3pm at the above locations on Saturday.

Craft Family Friendly