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A Table and A Piano

by Juliano Franz, Sageev Oore, Brian Lilley, Joseph Malloch & Derek Riley

A mixed reality table capturing Halifax's past and present, accompanied by an artificially intelligent piano.

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This exhibit features two complementary pieces. The Psychogeographer's Table consists of a semi-opaque glass projection surface representing the Halifax harbour and solid pine CNC-shaped forms for land. Projection mapping is used to project content on the tabletop, including aerial photographs, historical maps, and live data. Additional computer-generated content, images, and video can be interactively explored using a Microsoft HoloLens head-mounted augmented reality display. In the same space and throughout the evening, a grand piano will be used to play live pieces that are co-created by musicians and machine learning models.

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Digital Art Interactive