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SculptShore: The Ember of a Legacy Still Shines

A 6-metre-long fillable sculpture of a North Atlantic right whale is at the heart of a unique conservation collaboration underway across the Maritimes that aims to focus on the solutions and bring direct action to the impact ocean debris is having on Atlantic shorelines and marine species.

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Project SculptShore is empowering communities through education, solutions, and direct action to answer the urgent call to action required to help save the critically endangered North Atlantic right whales. This art-meets-action initiative is centered around a life-size interactive replica of a less-than-a-year-old calf, whose mother is the famous North Atlantic right whale Snow Cone.

Project SculptShore's baby whale sculpture's first migration has taken him to over 15 events across the Maritimes! This 6-metre-long baby whale has turned into a sought-after summer selfie as he migrates to the different clean-ups and events, educating and empowering future action, by focusing on the achievable and innovative solutions to the three main issues for our local right whales: ocean plastics, ship strikes, and entanglement.

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Family Friendly