The Wayfinding Care Project

The Wayfinding Care Project is a participatory delivery service pairing routes of festival attendees with sustaining care packages for event artists.

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The Wayfinding Care Project is an artist-led participatory delivery service that matches the routes of Nocturne: Art at Night festival attendees with artist performers in need of sustenance and support: nourishing soup, handwritten notes of encouragement, and other items of care throughout the evening.

The deliveries will be made by eager Nocturne participants who will bring meals to artists along their preferred route. Wearing an identifying uniform – a combination of badge, sash and carrying bag – they’ll depart with their care packages, sharing the direction they are headed in and what is compelling them to participate, which will be highlighted on social media.

It can be a thrill and challenge to travel around to a number of the Nocturne projects in one night, and can feel like a race against time! The Wayfinding Care Project invites Nocturne audiences into a dialogue about artist care, reciprocity, and taking an intentional route through the event. Through this gesture, folks will encounter and might make a personal connection with an artist or project along the way.

The Wayfinding Care Project is an opportunity to engage community participants of all ages in the festival. Over several months volunteers will contribute to the project in many ways: from constructing uniforms and accessories, contributing to a card writing event, making soup, and finally, making a delivery to honour the work of an artist at a busy time of creation.

Oct 14th
6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Family Friendly Roaming Placemaking

This project was made possible through the generous support of:

Wonder'neath Canada Council for the Arts