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Dream Renderings

A series of paintings being presented as the culmination of laboratory research into dreams; the paintings are fragments of something larger, using a technique that the artist developed over nearly a decade.

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A dream is a space between the waking world and the total darkness of deep sleep. A liminal space in our minds, that we can scarcely remember when awake. If we could make renderings of dreams, it would be a process in its infancy. Therefore, we would not have full context into what we were seeing, we would only have fragments.

This presentation will be set up like a gallery in the sanctuary of a church, where visitors can go in, see the paintings, "Dream Renderings," and ask questions of the artist. There will be a little bit of performance art here, as the paintings and artist will be presented as scientific experiment and scientist, respectively.

Beginning as a discovery of new artistic methods (ie. Yupo paper), the excitement the artist experienced when developing the techniques used in this method has become the driving force behind these paintings. The paintings are macro shots of nature portrayed as landscapes.

The presentation will take place at St. Andrew’s United Church. Churches are typically seen during the day, full of people. But what about at night, when the lights are dim, and the chairs are pulled aside? That itself is a liminal space. Dreams are sacred to many, so what happens when we take the sacredness of dreams, and present it in a sacred space, with the premise of scientific study?