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Interchanges - shared augmented reality stories

by GEM Lab & Fountain School of Performing Arts, Dalhousie University
with support from Shannon Frederick, David Chocco Manco, Tory Dunlop, Abbey Singh & Colton Morris

“Interchanges: Shared Augmented Reality Stories” is an immersive, in-person experience in which you and a partner participate, in one of two 6-minute stories.

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In the supernatural, mysterious quest structure of the first story, Standville Museum, a detective’s son is kidnapped by a shadow; you follow clues and even encounter a talking dog. In the second story, Spill, you need to gather information about a guest at a sumptuous, gossipy tea party by eavesdropping on a cast of colourful non-player characters.

This event is recommended for ages 12+ due to frightening scenes in Standville Museum and some coarse language in both stories.

Digital Art Interactive ages 12+ only due to scary/mature content