Jump Flip Hop Skip & Intuitive

by Jane MacDougald & Willson
with support from The Dart Gallery

Audio & video Installation, live performance and painting series at The Dart Gallery in Downtown Dartmouth.

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Jump Flip Hop Skip
Audio & video Installation and live performance by Jane MacDougald

Video projection of the artist jumping rope in the dark with an LED skipping rope featuring original audio soundtrack ongoing throughout the evening. Live demonstrations will take place outside every hour on the half hour. Attendees will be invited to jump rope and learn skipping tricks. (Ropes will be sanitized between usage)

Jump Flip Hop Skip is a performance piece that invites the audience to experience youthful joy using LED skipping ropes.

"When darkness abounds,Leap to the light,
Glow up don't grow up,
Never lose sight
There is fun there is laughter,
Look to the sky,
Find what is yours,Jump flip hop skip,

Intuitive - paintings by Willson

Intuitive is a series of paintings exploring organic shapes found in Nova Scotian landscapes with interjecting shapes of human design.

Flowing together to create paths within the works that the eye can follow continually, these paintings aim to inspire a closer look at our environment to see beyond what is visually presented as individual shapes and explore the whole of the natural cycles that work together to create these shapes.

Family Friendly Performance Interactive