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Lacuna is an experimental film project on the themes of queerness, faith, culture, and place.

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Lacuna is an experimental short film project that merges dialogue, moving images, film footage and text. The dialogue comprises conversations on borders, blackness, queerness, and faith between the artist and three other Black, queer folks of Nigerian descent. The moving images, footage, and some sound elements are from each conversation speaker's immediate surroundings as a way to ground the conversation in a palpable sense of place. The purpose is to illustrate ideas of home, belonging, movement across and engagement with borders. One of the film's main points of exploration is the psychological and emotional impacts of the culture of queerphobia in Nigeria on queer Nigerians and the tensions in seeking home, safety, and a sense of belonging in the diaspora. The film will premier online, and the hosting site will have all the separate elements of the film available for viewing and listening i.e transcript of the dialogue, the audio and the visuals.