ZONE 3 HIGHLIGHTS sponsored by Develop NS

Posted on October 12th, 2021
by Nocturne

Did you know that Nocturne is divided into zones? And with 4 days to explore the festival you can truly take in each zone of the festival and we are here to help you along the way!

Where art meets ocean: ZONE 3

Let's take a look at Zone 3: Halifax Waterfront. Owning the zone this year is Develop NS! We are so grateful to our zone sponsors for making the festival possible and for helping YOU enjoy the festival even more by being your own personal tour guide!


Zone 3 is one of our favourites because it brings us closer to Kjipuktuk's namesake: The Great Harbour along the waterfront. Projects can be found along the board walk as well as along Lower Water Street.

Key locations in this zone include various locations along the waterfront like Sackville Landing, The Wave, and newly finished Foundation Landing as well as further down the harbour into Pier 21.

Stop in at our Info Booth! Meet a volunteer, pick up a guide and learn more about whats going on in the zone. The info booth is located near the Salt Yard Two Stage.


  • Visit Foundation Landing to witness Good Luck To The People, a 40 foot Chinese dragon suspended from scaffolding and swaying in the breeze.
  • Stay close to the ocean and take in Ecology Action Centre's Carrying the Spark. Enjoy this audio piece on your own device (bring your headphones) and relax on the hammocks.
  • Our very own curator, Liliona Quarmyne has collaborated with additional artists to create AYA (as yet announced) which is viewable Saturday Night at Pier 21.
  • The Brewery Market is home to anchor project Invariable Ascension featuring BIPOC artists curated by Kate Macdonald and Carmel Farahbakhsh. This constellation of multiple projects can be seen on Friday night after dark.
  • Visit Sackville Landing for Marissa Sean Cruz's CFAT residency project and The Wave for Eyelevel's invited artist Melany Nugent-Noble where you can use a beacon to guide your way through the festival on Saturday night.
  • Not to be missed is Franco-fest's residency project at Nocturne with Behind the Makeup taking place at Salt Yard Two Stage.


  • Remember to dress for the weather - the harbour can definitely bring the chill
  • There are lots of local businesses you can stop at to grab a drink or a bite to eat - remember to tip your server! #artloverstipwell
  • Check the individual schedule - some projects in this zone are only happening at certain times.
  • Don't forget your mask and your vaccination record! Check out our COVID safety precautions to learn more.