ZONE 2 HIGHLIGHTS sponsored by Downtown Halifax Business Commission

Posted on October 12th, 2021
by Nocturne

Did you know that Nocturne is divided into zones? And with 4 days to explore the festival you can truly take in each zone of the festival and we are here to help you along the way!

Get into it in Zone 2

Let's take a look at Zone 2: Downtown Halifax. Owning the zone this year is none other than our zone sponsor, the Downtown Halifax Business Commission! We are so grateful to our zone sponsors for making the festival possible and for helping YOU enjoy the festival even more by being your own personal tour guide!


Zone 2 is one of our largest and most concentrated zones. From Cogswell to Grafton and Brunswick to Hollis and everything in between this centrally located zone is a great place to start your journey to Nocturne!

Key locations in this zone include Grade Parade, Argyle Fine Art, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and St Paul's Church (among so many others)!

Stop in at our Info Booth! Meet a volunteer, pick up a guide and learn more about whats going on in the zone. The info booth is located in Grade Parade.


  • Check out local art galleries in this zone like BFF (best festival friend) Argyle Fine Art.
  • Visit the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to see their special exhibitions + permanent collections and don't forget to spend some time with Exploring the Treaty Relationship and change.
  • Killa Atencio has created a beautiful poetry installation at Grand Parade - check out when it is "open for engagement" by reading the project listing.
  • Go on a downtown art tour to see all the new gritty to pretty projects in Downtown Halifax!
  • Not to be missed is Inertia by DriftED collective. This premier performance and projection piece by Black and African Nova Scotian dancers and movers will explore the idea of two steps forward, but one step back.
  • Local artists Francesca Ekwuyasi and Alex Turgeon both have unique projects in this zone. Find them on Barrington street - check their individual schedules.


  • Keep an eye out for traffic and follow all road safety rules.
  • There are lots of local businesses you can stop at to grab a drink or a bite to eat - remember to tip your server! #artloverstipwell
  • Check the individual schedule - some projects in this zone are only happening at certain times.
  • Don't forget your mask and your vaccination record! Check out our COVID safety precautions to learn more.