ZONE 1 HIGHLIGHTS sponsored by Emera

Posted on October 12th, 2021
by Nocturne

Did you know that Nocturne is divided into zones? And with 4 days to explore the festival you can truly take in each zone of the festival and we are here to help you along the way! ENTER: Zone Highlights!


First we will get a look at Zone 1: Spring Garden + Universities. Owning the zone this year is our zone sponsor, Emera! We are so grateful to our zone sponsors for making the festival possible and for helping YOU enjoy the festival even more by being your own personal tour guide!

Emera is also our Accessibility Partner and looking to help us make Nocturne as safe and accessible as possible! Consider checking out our accessibility filters on our project page to help plan your visit!


Zone 1 includes all of Spring Garden Rd and up into the Universities and everything in between. Key locations in this zone include Dalhousie Art Gallery (and surrounding campus), Halifax Central Library, Natural History Museum and Dalhousie Architecture School (among many other locations).

Visit the Info Booth! Meet a volunteer, pick up a guide and learn more about whats going on in the zone. The info booth is located in front of the Halifax Central Library.


  • In this zone are some of Halifax's longest standing art galleries: Studio 21 and Zwickers, both of which have things to see during Nocturne.
  • Check out Halifax Central Library for 3 different projects this year: Nbiish, The Liminal Archive, and Somewhere In-Between
  • Looking for a nice walk? Why not make your way to Frances Dorsey's Indigenous Pollinator Garden at Dalhousie University
  • Ethernal Organs will happen at Fort Massey Church and is not to be missed. Witness improvisational musicians coming together at sunset.
  • On Saturday night you can pick up a free coffee or hot chocolate provided by Cafe Lucca on behalf of Emera. Visit the info booth infront of the Halifax Central Library and grab a hot bevvie on them!


  • A large portion of Spring Garden Rd is under construction currently so be alert and follow any construction signage
  • Most of the street is closed to road traffic so consider getting out of your car and take public transit, walk, roll, or scoot!
  • There are lots of local businesses you can stop at to grab a drink or a bite to eat - remember to tip your server! #artloverstipwell
  • Check the individual schedule - some projects in this zone are only happening at certain times.
  • Don't forget your mask and your vaccination record! Check out our COVID safety precautions to learn more.


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